The Feelies: Keep them all together

Once upon a time, a man with too many feelings decided to slice his own head open, hoping to relieve his emotional tension. Unfortunately, he failed, and now his feelings are all over the place. 

Point of Purchase Display & Miniature Toy Inspired by phrenology charts, ink blots, and stress balls. 

Characters The Feelies are a group of seven friends, each of which is only capable of having one emotion. If one of them finds himself in a situation that requires an emotion he doesn't have, things can get pretty awkward.

Posters No dorm room wall is complete without a Feelies poster, especially if you're a psych major. 

Inking with the Feelies is a mobile app that lets users create their own ink blots on their phones. 

Ink blots The Feelies are always surrounded by ink blots, even though they always see the same things in them. What do you see?